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Progressive Ladders

Progressive Ladders

$ 15.00

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Progressive Ladders - Audio Pool Workout

This 45-minute pool workout is perfect for someone who wants a cardio challenge without the choreography.  Featuring just 8 exercises, the first block starts with two exercises and then every block after adds another exercise and 10 seconds to the time each exercise is performed for.  Repetition of exercises helps you perfect form and add power.  Once you have mastered these 8 moves - replace them with 8 of your favorite pool exercises. 

Exercising along with this workout?  This product is AUDIO ONLY (Guided pool workout with music & verbal cues).  The best user experience is to first WATCH the video and then follow along with audio.  Please visit our newest site - - which features ALL of the pool exercise videos associated with these audio downloads.  Subscribe monthly for just $15.95 a month and have access to all of the pool workout videos, one free audio workout a month and 50% off all other audio workouts. 

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This is a downloadable digital product - AUDIO ONLY.  A link (mp3 file) will be emailed to you and also available upon checkout.

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